Week 5 and 6 Art Journal Entry

Hi Crafties,

So, as you know, I was sick for the last two weeks. But this week I’m back and I spent the day putting my art journal page together.

I played and experimented, and I like how it turned out, though I feel I need more practice with the texture paste, and I suspect my hearts stencil was just too big.

A little tip I did discover.

I bought a Derwent burnishing pencil and blending pencil, they came in a blister pack of two of each and an eraser and sharpener. I thought I’d test them out with this project and I can say…. AWESOME. The blending pencil will take one color laid down and blend it out to its lightest shade. Its gorgeous. It will take two colors next to each other and blend them perfectly, it even eases out the dreaded pencil lines. Extra cool? The blender even blends kiddies color pencils, the cheep ones my kids use for school.


Well worth the investment. The burnishing pencil I want to play with a bit more before I give my verdict.

Now for my page.

I stamped out an image “The Runaway” from Santoro’s Gorjuss range. Just love this image, and added some heart stamps around her then I free handed the text and the big heart.

I used a combination of my Derwents (because I need more colors) and my cheepy kiddies pencils to color in the image and the blending pencil from Derwent to blend it all.

Then I masked the image with a piece of paper and some micropore tape and used a heart stencil and some home made texture paste (that I put a little pink acrylic in)

Like I said before I think the stencil was a bit too big so I’m not overfond of how that came out, but part of the idea was to practice the technique and learn from it. Mission accomplished

So here is my page!

I hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it.



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