Pink Winter Socks

Hello Crafty Folk,

A few posts back– I told you about a new book I found that makes knitting socks a pleasure.

I had never attempted to knit socks and I’d never worked with double pointed needles before, but I wanted to try.

So I got the book


And bought the needles, and did my first attempt.

I decided I didn’t want “shoe” socks, but rather the kind of thick sock that you snuggle under the covers with while watching TV. So I used double knit wool, and made it in the biggest size.

As I said before, this book make it so easy, it felt like I’d been knitting socks my whole life and the other night (due to yet another bout of horrendous insomnia) I finished my socks.

They came out awesome!!!

Now I’m working on a jersey I started near the end of last winter, I will keep you updated on that one too.

Happy crafting


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