Easel What?!

Hello Crafters,

Today I have another repurposing idea for you.

A while back (before my 14 year old daughter hi-jacked and claimed my laptop) my wonderful hubby bought me a little “bed desk” for my laptop.

It looks like a hospital table, the kind you get on the end of hospital beds.


Here is a photo.

On this fancy little thing, the table part is separate from the mouse area and it slides over the bed so you can make a comfy nest in the warm blankets in winter and hack away at the laptop (while trying to finish a novel – haha) You can tilt the table and the mouse part to whatever angle suits you


Now that Willo has my laptop, I haven’t used the table in months, I use my desktop computer for all my writing and work and so on, and that is (duh) on a desk in my craft room.

But I do love to sit on my bed when I color. I have loved that since I was a kid, so the other night I was coloring and I looked up and saw the desk and had a eureka moment (no not the TV show *raises an eyebrow* the light bulb over the head type moment)

I pulled the desk closer and, wow if my little drawing board didn’t fit on it perfectly and I could put my reference on the mouse part or my pencils.


So if you have a little computer desk like this, you could always use it as an easel.

Also, it wasn’t very expensive. My hubby paid R200 at a shop in the Oriental market in Rooihuiskraal –for those of you in SA.

That’s about $20 give or take . Not a bad price for an easel you can use while nesting in your warm covers.

Especially with winter coming soon to South Africa – sounds like a movie trailer hahaha.

Happy Crafting



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