My Descent into Crafting Mad…erm… goodness

Those of you who read (or have read my past blog posts) will know that I’ve always been a crafter, but my newest obsession started when I saw a Cuttlebug on a web page I was surfing and got intrigued.

I’m a bit of a geek (who am I trying to kid, I’m a huge geek) and it was a tool! Something used to make something else so it got my attention.

After some thought I went to my local craft store and bought the Cuttlebug.

Okay so it comes with a free embossing folder (and some papers) and that is nifty, but I wanna see how these die things work.

Went out and got my first die, but wait, I need a c-plate adapter to make this work properly, so I have to go shop for that.

By this time (after my hubby had stumbled on her channel by accident on youtube—something I’m sure he will regret eternally) I was watching all Jennifer McGuire’s organizational videos, and ooooh the stash she had. Made my little heart go pitter patter, not to mention that I inherited my dad’s need to get everything organized perfectly and her way of doing it had me rearranging my office (which was turning into a craft room in front of my eyes)

So off to shop for the c-plate adaptor for my lonely die. (need more of those too)

But wait!

Didn’t Jennifer make the most beautiful cards with stamps?

Okay, so now I need stamps and ink-pads, oh and blenders, and isn’t washi tape all the rage?  I know I love the patterns.  Ooooh I need some embellishments too, and more card stock!

Can’t go without a heat tool and a paper trimmer.


So I’m loving the dies, and I want more, but I want to be able to make my own custom cuts since I’ve always been an artist and it can’t be so hard to design these things.

I know! I want a Silhouette Cameo (my hubby is grateful that I haven’t bought one of those yet, but it’s on the list!)

Then I discovered Lindsay, and now I’m into the coloring too and the art journaling and and and.

*laughs* The Descent continues and I’m happy to follow the road down to crafting bliss…

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has gotten sucked in, and is happy to be sucked in to the paper crafting world.

There is just so much crafty goodness and cute things to add to collections.

Happy Crafting




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