Painting on Plastic

Hey all you Crafty folks,

 icecream dish

In my craft room I’m always looking for new storage ideas that aren’t going to mean I have to go out and buy special boxes and what-not. Especially and my small collection is growing bit by bit and I need more storage places in my craft room.

My family loves ice-cream, and in South Africa, we get them in 1L tubs. They are made out of sturdy plastic and I always wash and keep them for storing left-overs or food in.

The one thing I don’t like about them is that the labels aren’t paper on plastic but rather printed onto the tubs, and I don’t want them on there, so I’ve tried (without success) to paint over the labels using normal craft acrylic paints.

As many of you know, I’m a Pink-Fiend and I have the color all over my craft room. The tubs would be really gorgeous if I could paint over those labels in a pretty shade of pink.

But plastic seems to repel the paint. It starts to chip and flake as soon as it’s dry.

I found a way around that though.

I used my rough sanding block and I sanded the plastic dish. Giving the smooth surface some tooth and a place for the paint to stick to.

Then I used some pink black board paint and painted four layers. The paint isn’t very translucent but the labels on the dish are dark and I wanted to be sure they were covered.

By the time the paint dried (after the fourth layer) there was no sign of the labels and I now have somewhere to store my pretty serviettes I collect for art journaling.


I’m sure this has been done or before in some or other tutorial. But I thought I’d share it here if you hadn’t seen it or tried it. It might come in useful.

Happy Crafting



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