For my Little Sister

Hello Crafty Folk,

I have the worlds best Little Sister, no kidding. I really do. Any time I’ve run into trouble she’s been there for me. She talked me off the ledge when my son suddenly developed Pericarditus and I was in a flat panic, and that’s the least of what Anet had done for me.

I wish I could take her on a massive shopping spree to her favorite store, but I can’t. So I decided–with winter coming soon– that I would make her a knee blanket for those cool evenings in front of the TV.

Her favorite color is Black (or would that be absence of color) and she loves purple.

So I started out with a chevron pattern, but I didn’t like how long it would take and how much yarn it would eat for relatively little blanket. So I decided to make it multiple different patterns.

I have the chevron, straight forward trebles, popcorn stitches and lastly to pull it all together I have the granny square fan stitch.

For yarn (we call it wool) I’ve used an acrylic blend double knit (worsted weight I think its called elsewhere) and variegated colors mixed with some solid color.

A 4.5mm crochet hook

I think it came out lovely.

Lets hope she loves it too.

I know every stitch was crocheted with love.



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