Baby Oil Blending tool

Hi Everyone,


I did a little experiment today. I had an old dried up manicure correction pen from a long time ago. It came with extra nibs that I had never used.

And I thought it might be interesting to make a blender out of it.

So I took out the plastic covered little sponge and washed it several times with (dish liquid) soapy water until I couldn’t smell the acetone in it anymore.

Then I left it to dry out completely.

I was going to fill it with Glycerin, but at the last moment, I thought of something else.

Usually when you blend with baby oil on a drawing you use a paper stump, and you sand it off or switch as you change colors.

I wondered if it would work if I filled the pen with baby oil and made my own color pencil blending tool.

So I set the little sponge in a small dish and left it to wick up the baby oil. Did the same thing with the pen (new nib inserted.)

I’m going to give it a good try  out soon, but testing so far it seems to work quiet well.

So there is an idea for your own, baby oil blending tool.


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