Lord Soth’s Song – Art Journal Page

Hi all you crafty people,

I hope you are having a fantastic Saturday. I’m looking forward to autumn (fall) because last night at 8:30 it was 31c and I’m so sick of the heat.

On to my post. On my last Art Journal post I told you about my love for Poe, and shortly after discovering him I found Dragonlance.

Fantasy I loved deeply, and one of my favorite characters was Raistlin, probably because he was so torn and dark and twisty.

But Lord Soth (The knight of the Rose) made an impression too, and the poem I’ve chosen to journal comes from the Dragonlance series.

It’s very gothic horror and well… Dark and Twisty.

Lord Soths Song

I did Lord Soth with my Derwent pencils on separate paper, (my poor pencils! I’m going to have to get an art patron to buy me more ROFL) and gessoed the page then did the background on there, using a combination of spray inks, inks, water based markers and acrylic paint. Yep, I really multimedia-ed it. (I’m making words up again)

If you are wondering about the blood drops on the rose. I used a little trick. I did the drops in markers so the color would be brighter then I used some Glossy Accents on it. That’s how I got the 3D effect.

I hope you enjoyed my little art piece. I know I enjoyed sitting coloring last night while I watched TV.

See you soon,

Happy Crafting,



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