Quoth The Raven…

Good Afternoon, my favorite Creative Types.

I learned something this week. My color pencils do not work well on gessoed art journal pages. If I want to color I have to work on an ungessoed (wow making up new words all over the place) surface.

So my raven girl was a bit of a (how would my beasty put it) Belly Flop!

I managed to rescue her by working with my water based markers and my water brush, then I went in with a fine liner pen. No fancy nifty markers for me (those are still on my wish list) these are the kids back to school markers you buy from the grocery store.

I’d say she came out pretty awesome considering the color pencil failure.

Why did I chose this quote? 

Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth in 1987 and hair-styles were bigger than T-Rex.  I was in my last year of primary school we were sent to veldschool. Its something like summer camp and boot camp combined and its done in the fall so I ended up getting double pneumonia as well as being tortured for a week (what makes you think I hated veldschool?)

When I got home, the doctor took one look at me and chucked me in hospital for a week where they did lung therapy to get the gunk out my lungs, but it had the horrendous side-effect of giving me a migraine that lasted most of the week.

Second week of hell.

To cheer me up my mom asked me what gift I wanted and I told her (migraine or no) I wanted a sci-fi novel, any sci-fi novel. Yes, I was a registered book worm even back then. But my mom (who read westerns exclusively) didn’t really have a clue what a sci-fi was.

So a day later she arrives at visiting hour with a door stop sized book.

Edgar Allan Poe
The Complete Tales of Mystery and Imagination – The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym – The Raven and Other Poems.

Gothic horror!?!?!? Further from Sci-fi you could not get.

But I persevered and I fell in love and I have loved Poe ever since. Especially his poems. My all time favorite is “Alone”

It stood to reason that the second page in my art journal should be my version of an ode to my favorite poet.




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