Fun Foam – Name the uses

Happy Sunday Afternoon Creative Types!

Its my habit to do a post on Sunday, and I was a bit late with it this weekend.

Today I wanted to share a quick something with you.

A while back I bought some fun foam  from one of our local stores called “The Crazy Store” they have quite a big kids craft section and I’ve found craft supplies there (not the best quality but certainly usable) at very reasonable prices.

The fun foam came in a 10 pack (If I remember right) and it was about R13 or so. I stand under correction I bought it in October last year.

As crafters, we know that fun foam comes in handy for so many uses.

And please, if you read this post, comment and tell me what your favorite use for fun foam is. You might spark some inspiration. We could put together a page with a fun foam usage list J Sounds like fun right?

I’ve been wanting a nice stamping surface, and even though I’m a bit of a pc geek, I don’t own a mouse pad. IKR – weird huh?

So that wasn’t an option. So I did this.

I took four of the A4 sized piecies of fun foam and one at a time spread each one (like I was making a sandwidge) with white glue (Ponel for the South Africans. Elmers for the Americans) Then put the next piece on.

Until I had all four stacked, then I put a pad of paper on it for some weight an let it dry overnight.

And now I have a nice big stamping cussion.


Nifty use for some fun foam.

The reason I’m late today is that I got carried away with house work. Wow, yes that sucks, I hate house work. But once the kids uniforms were ironed and the kitchen was clean I opened up to a brand new page on my art journal. Gessoed earlier this week with my home made gesso and started my next page.

Here is a sneak peek.


Only bright spark (yes me, the Blondie)  messed up, because now I have all these fussy lines and I’m going to have to figure out a way to mask it properly once our raven girl is colored so I can do the background.

We live and learn Crafties, we live and learn.

Have an awesome crafting day,



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