Quick Floor Pillow

Hello fellow crafters.

Let me start by saying… I have the world’s most uncomfortable office chair.

I could probably sit in an Iron Maiden and say. “Mmm comfy.” If I compared it to the, forward tilting, slide I call a chair.

So when I draw or color I prefer to sit on the floor at the coffee table and work.

One problem… the floor (carpet or not) is hard, and I’ve been meaning to buy a big pillow I could put under my (generous) butt for a while now, but I never seem to get around to it.

Over Christmas my Beasty-Carmen (I have two best friends, both my beastys) gave me some awesome Hello Kitty Fleece. Its soft and it will be so warm in winter.

I’m a hello kitty fiend. I love my kitty. So it was a wonderful gift and I thought it was the perfect size for my floor pillow



I didn’t even have to cut it, I just folded it in half, (with the wrong side out) stitched along the edges with my sewing machine and left a hole for stuffing.

I used teddy bear stuffing, because that’s what I had in my stash, so it will be extra soft.

Then I folded the edges in and put a hidden seem in by hand. Quick work.

Now I have my floor pillow and I can work at my coffee table in comfort.


Happy Crafting,



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