Blending Tool Idea

Morning Crafters,


Today I wanted to share a little something I did.

In South Africa, the kids started school last month again, so we were all in a mad dash to get them all the supplies they needed.

While shopping for my son I had to buy him a white board eraser, and it occurred to me that it would make a fantastic blending tool for distress inks. It’s got the wooden handle for nice grip and a thick durable piece of felt attached to the bottom.

I stored the idea away in the back of my mind and it got lost in the chaos that is my mental filing system.

Yesterday I was in the stationary store to buy a visual diary and I saw the white board eraser. Since they are inexpensive, under R10 for one, I grabbed a few.  To use with the start of my collection of distress inkpads.

I only have four minis so far, but I plan on getting more. I like the effects you can create with them.

This is what I did.

I took normal rectangular white labels.

Used the eraser to blend the color onto them.

Stuck the label to the top

And made a text label for the side with the color name on it.

There you have it. A cheap way to have a blending tool for all your favorite inks.

Instead of having to keep changing icky felt on just one tool.

Hope this helps someone out.

Happy Crafting.



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