So Hot!

Hello Friends, and Fellow Crafters,

I’m going to tell you a story today. One that will (hopefully) make you giggle a little at how dense this crafter can be at times.

Maybe I should be nice, and call myself airheaded instead, but it was a doozy.

Fixion Pens by Pilot:


Oh what a joy, I can do my to-do lists and if something changes or I need to move something to another list.  I just flip it over use the little eraser and the ink is gone.


So, as you can see I have quite a few of the pens and highlighters too. I use them every day in my day planner.

Yesterday I got some glimmer mists and I thought I’d test them out. Just on my day planner page, give it some color and see how they work.

(They work great) But then I sat with a wet page.

So I grabbed my heat gun to heat-set the page so I could close my planner. A few minutes later the page was dry and I looked down at it,*a frown creased my brow* something was off about the page. Then I realized.


All my to-do lists had mysteriously vanished.

Had the mister reacted with the ink in some way?

No, it was much simpler than that.

*A pause for dramatic effect and so you can realize how dumb I was*

Frixion pens – remove by friction. Which is HEAT!

DUH Genevieve!

Yes, you can laugh, I don’t mind, I’m still laughing at me.

Happy Crafting



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