Chit chat and a quick idea:

Good Morning my friends and fellow crafters!

Happy Tuesday, at least we got Monday out the way.

I’ve been quiet. Not because I don’t have much to say (goodness knows I get told to shut-it, by the hubby often enough *laughs*)

I’ve been quiet because I’m on the last mad dash of my current novel, and because my office looks like we’ve had guerillas fighting a war in it.

As I said before I’ve annexed the unused dining room for my sewing room, so half my office stuff is in there and half is here and I’m trying to figure out how to put everything together.

Once I’m done and happy with it, I might post a small video tour. That’s if anyone can understand my South African accent. *laughs*

Now for the quick tip;

A while ago, I started collecting the tiny rhinestones that you put on your nails. Now I find I can’t use them. (other than my nails, which I’m too lazy to sit and do)  Or so I thought


It occurred to me they would make fantastic tiny embellishments  for cards or my art journal (yes I went and got me one, and I’m going to love every minute of it)

My husband made me this stand in his workshop and I painted it pink (yep, pink – Genevieve is gaga for pink) And I found the little pie dishes they come in fit on the dowels perfectly. Here is a picture.


So another use for something I didn’t think I would use again, and you can buy them really inexpensively at some stores. In south Africa its usually those stores that import from China. They cost like R10 or R20 (the equivalent of a dollar or two)   We all know that crafting can get pricy so this might be a good way to get that extra bang for your koedoe (type of buck *laughs)

Gracious, if I sit her much longer the guerillas are going to start a new conflict that my Yorkies and my Pekingese will help in and I’ll be further behind than I was.

Happy Crafting



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