Chit Chat Friday

Hello Lovely Crafters!

Another Friday and I have a weekend of Crafting ahead of  me YAY! I’ve done my writing for the week so I can relax, watch my favorite Lindsay (The Frugal Crafter) vids and craft till my little heart pumps chocolate.

I’ve been spending my evening working on a crochet knee blanket for my wonderful baby sister. Winter will be coming South Africa soon (The sooner the better IMHO) and watching all of The Frugal Crafter vids. I have learned so much from Lindsay, and her sense of humor has me giggling more often than not.

So I highly recommend you go watch her tutorials and videos.

Here is a link to her YouTube channel.

I want to try some coloring this weekend, so I’m going to see how that turns out, will keep you updated. I got a set of Inktense pencils and currently I’m wanting some Spectrum Noirs.

Oh, oh, oh! Before I forget. I’ve got a Teresa Collins – Stampmaker on order from Scrap-a-doodles. I should be getting it next week some time. As soon as I’ve tried it out I will let you all know what I think, but I’m sure you can tell I’m really excited about it!

Have a great day Crafters



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