Nifty Storage Solution

Hello Crafters,

I have another post for you today.

Since I’ve been adding to my crafting tools stash I noticed, a lot of the newer tools come with holes in the back end, so you can either store them on rings or hang them from hooks, and I love this feature.

Even my small stencils have holes already punched for easy ring storage.

But where to put them?

Since my poor office is slowly loosing territory to my craft room I’m a little limited on space and I haven’t bought myself the shelving I want to put up yet.

I came up with a cute little solution for my smaller things, like my scoring/perforating/cutters, and my crafting tweezers, and all those little things that need to hang somewhere handy (yes Genevieve we get the point move on now)

On my crafting work desk, I have a pink fabric covered box I bought many years ago, I keep tins in it with markers and brushes and so on. It sits in the middle at the back so it’s right in front of me when I’m working.

I first hooked a bent open paper clip over it to hang my things on, but it kept slipping off when I took whatever tool I was after, and I didn’t want to glue the paper clip to my pretty pink box.

Then Inspiration came and stomped on me. (He’s a big guy, it should have hurt).

Why not punch some eyelets into it?

What crafter doesn’t have an eyelet punch? (Seriously if you don’t have one go get one, nifty tool that comes into use when you least expect it)

So this is how I did it.

I used the punch on my eyelet punch, at its deepest setting and pushed it down over the edge of the box. Then I punched the hole.


But before you try pull the punch off, grab a tweezers and just weed the little ball of fabric and cardboard that come out. Sometimes it will pop right out but if it doesn’t, take it out with the tweezers.


Why? Because it will make you eyelet punch release easier and you won’t damage the fabric covering the box when you pull it up.

Then take a nice eyelet ( I used the ones that originally came with my punch) and put it in the hole with the pretty round side facing outwards.


I’ve got a pic here showing you which end of the punch needs to be on the front of the eyelet, but  and you can put the punch into the hole with the eyelet in place, but it’s easier to place the eyelet then come in with the punch and just compress the back of the eyelet.

Now, take a paper clip or a hook of some kind, I used a paper clip for now, I’m sure I’ll find something prettier soon and just bend it open.


Feed it through the eyelet and wrap one end around so it stays put.
Then bend the other end into a hook shape.

There you have it, cute little place to hang your doo-dads.


Please, as always, feel free to leave a comment if you have an idea or a suggestion or just want to say hi. I love to hear from everyone.

Happy Crafting



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