Stamp Cleaning Pad

Hello Crafters 🙂

I was a bit of an idjit (Supernatural reference – fans will get it.)

I ordered a Rubit-Scrubit (Inkssentials by Ranger) online thinking it would be something like the Inkadinkado Stamp Scrubber.  I was disappointed when my package arrived at all it is, is a glorified sponge with a foam backing.  6×6 inches.

Now I have nothing against this other than my own stupidity in not researching it properly before I bought it. This is a perfect solution for most people, but stubborn me wants what I want.  I want the rough side and the smooth side.

So I set my mind to finding a solution.

I want a stamp-cleaning box, not just the pad.

I dug around my craft room and found some things that would help me make what I want.

(For now—I am going to buy myself the Inkadinkado Stamp Scrubber as soon as I have the money.)

In December (during the splurge I mentioned in my Brother Label maker post) I lived in Her-Annies. It’s a craft supply shop near where I live and it’s my nirvana. (Okay that and Scrap-a-doodles in Irene)

I bought some clear Perspex boxes for storage. They measure 16×11 cm and they are about 3 cm deep. I bought them for my wood mounted small stamps but they are perfect for what I needed.

001 002

  1.  I measured and cut my Ribit-Scrubit into two
  2.  Took two of the base parts of the Perspex boxes.
  3.  I used washi tape to make a hinge then reinforced it with clear, self-adhesive plastic. The kind you cover books with.  On both sides of the “hinge” inside and outside.
  4. Then I took one of my favorite washi tapes and covered both boxes neatly to give it some prettiness


  1. I used my brother label maker to make a label and glued my Rubit-Scrubit piece one in each side. One for wet and one for dry.


If you don’t like the way I’ve done it, hunt Youtube and google, there are loads of DIY stamp cleaner tutorials and ideas.

There we have it, a temporary, and perfectly useful stamp cleaner. Now I’m going to go find the recipe for some DIY stamp cleaning solution and mix up a batch.

I know for clear stamps its

  1. Mild baby shampoo
  2. Water
  3. Glycerin.

Not sure about the amounts though. I will keep you updated.


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