Life Planner Template (Day Planner)

Life Planner

Hello Crafters,

Looks like you are getting an extra post today.  I’ll try not to write a novel this time.

I wanted to share my template for my life planner.

Now, I’m left handed and my planner is in a chipboard “book” that I’ve decorated (or over decorated – depends how you look at it)


I hate writing with my hand banging into the rings the whole time.

So, I oriented my template in the landscape format. That way I flip open my planner go to the page and there is nothing to bump my hand into as I make notes or plan my day.


The reason I work on a day planner and not a week one is that my day is busy, I’d never fit all my to-do’s on a week planner, and I could never find one that worked for me.

So this is what I’ve created:


I have a color printer (got it not so long ago) but since ink is expensive I’m stingy with using it. I print out the pages on my black laser printer. That’s why the months are outlined and not filled in.

Then I take my markers and choose a color for the day and color it in, using the same color pen to write down my lists.

The little graphics on the side are check boxes. (I made them in Photoshop using shapes) I color mine in when a task is done.

That way I feel like I’ve gotten something done.

I decorate it and add stickers and so on, so I’ve kept the template basic.

If you want you can also open it in MS WORD and modify the “Categories”  to suit what you need.

My first one is “Writing” because without it, I’d never put out more novels *laughs*

Feel free to change it to what you’d like. It could be “workout” or “meal plan” and so on.

Hopefully someone will find a use for it, because being creative and sharing is a good way to garner a smile.

Happy Crafting Everyone




2 thoughts on “Life Planner Template (Day Planner)

    • Yeah, printers can be expensive to keep up or buy. What you could do is use a note book and a ruler and divide your pages up into sections. That will work just as well. Its more about being able to see what you need at a glance than the fancy *grins*
      Schedules are my new favorite thing, seriously, I’d be lost without mine. So I hear ya on needing one for school 🙂


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