Label Makers

Morning Crafters,

Its Sunday, so you know that means another post from Genevieve’s Craft Room.

Today I wanted to talk about Label Makers.

During December I splurged and bought myself a Brother Label Maker P-Touch PTH105 Pink (I splurged on a lot of things in December, but we can keep that between us *laughs*)

Why did I buy it?

Because I love being organized, and printed labels are so much prettier than hand written ones. And (shhhh don’t tell anyone, but one of the main reasons I chose this specific label maker is… wait for it… its PINK!)


I’m a pink freak, and proud to admit it, so if something is pink I’m far more likely to choose it over something else. Provided its good quality, of course.

I bought mine from  for R566.03. Yep it’s pricy, but for me it would be something I use a lot, and it has many great features, so worth it in the end.

It comes with 4m starter tape, so you can jump right in and start labeling. You can also buy Iron on tape for it so you can label all your kids uniforms or fabric project. I started using mine immediately and I love it.

However, the tape for the machine is not cheap. Running from R270 up. That is the biggest draw back in the label maker.

I’m in the midst of organizing my craft room, and I get extra stash whenever I get a chance. So to use my Brother label maker for it all would end up being really expensive.

That was a problem for me:

I’m sure most of us crafters have to work on a budget, me especially, so I needed to find a solution.

I did!

And one that I think is kind of cool.



I went to and looked at their label makers and found something that is a lot more inexpensive to run, and has the added benefit of giving your labels a more, vintage feel. Grungy even.

I got the Dymo Omega Home & Office Embossing Label Maker. It cost me R149 (that’s less than a tape for the Brother) and what’s even cooler, the replacement tape rolls for the Dymo are R70 to a R100.

Now, if you want the uber neat and modern look in your labels, this is NOT the way to go.  However, if you like the old skool grungy look it works like a charm.

I happen to like the look of these labels, and I can label to my heart’s content without feeling guilty about tape usage.

Here you can see how I did the month labels in my Life Planner:


I have one problem with it though, if you don’t put the tape in just right, it starts to catch on the wheel. So follow the instructions carefully when putting in a new tape. (Yes, I’ve gone through one roll of tape already.)

So, to break it down:

I now own two label makers, and I will continue to love, and use both. My brother for my inkpads and other things I need small neat print on, and my Dymo for those things that just look cool with a grungier feel.

As always, feel free to leave me a comment, question or just say hi. I’m always happy to hear from you all.

Happy Crafting,


Please Note:

All the sites and prices I’ve listed in this post are South African, but I’m sure you could find what you need where you are if you hit Google with a “find-it stick”.


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