Haul Post 25 January 2015

Good Morning, Craftsy people

Or rather, good afternoon to all you South Africans. It’s sunny and hot. (When is winter coming back, I’m sick of melting *laughs*)

I will be doing two posts today, since its Sunday and I have my usual Sunday post already prepared (organized much? *chuckles*)

But I will be adding this post because…

It’s a HAUL post!

Every so often, I will do a Haul post. To show you all what I’ve managed to add to my stash and where I got it.

The reason I will do so is twofold.  First, if I manage to find something we can’t source easily in South Africa, (Like I did today) I’m sure my fellow Sefrican crafters would like to know. Second, since I’ve only recently begun my “Paper crafting” collection, I’m still trying to fill in (or is that out) my craft room, and by sharing my haul you can see what I thought was important enough to jump ahead in my buy queue (trust me that queue is looooong) Or what I found for a good deal.


I follow a blog by an American card maker (and phenomenally talented woman) named Jennifer McGuire http://www.jennifermcguireink.com/

And I watch all her vids and read her blog posts, and I watched one a few weeks back on masking colored images so you can do the background (without having to fussy cut – I’m left handed and fussy cutting is a pain in my… well you know).  She gave us three methods and the one that I really liked (because you can remove it afterwards) was Rubber Cement.

Here is a link to the vid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4NqSlsum_rU

Alrighty then! Cool idea, one problem. The American’s can buy rubber cement just about anywhere.

In SA, not so much.

I hunted high and low. Searched forums and forums and… well you get my point?

I read that you can buy it in bicycle repair kits, also not easy to find in your general store.

I even tried shoe repair contact adhesive (Don’t waste your money, it doesn’t work!)

Then today I went with my Hubby to Mica Hardware (the one in Waterkloof Centurion) and low and behold! A car repair kit with… You guessed it RUBBER CEMENT and even better, it actually calls it Rubber cement on the label.


I asked, and yes, they do stock it separately from the car repair kit, but they didn’t have stock today, so I bought the car repair kit (it has little tools I’m sure I will find a use for) (R29.90)


That was my big WIN for the day!

Also at Mica, CLEAR STAMPS (whoda thunk?) and the prices were dirt cheap compared to the craft shops I usually haunt.  (So go look in your local Mica Hardware, you might find more than you think)


The clear stamps I found are by a South African company called Chiswick (www.chiswick.co.za) and I find I’m buying more and more of their products. They are affordable and good quality. The only thing product I haven’t liked was the stamp pad I bought, not the ink (the ink works beautifully) but the stamp pad lid keeps popping off and it’s as annoying as a buzzing brommer (fly).

I also got a sponge sanding block (Fine) and some felt floor protectors, I’m going to use those on a piece of Perspex with some fun foam to make a makeshift stamping tool.



The second part (or rather first since I went there first)  of my haul came from our local R5 shop (The South African equivalent of a Dollar store) though *laughs* I still have to find anything in there that is R5. The prices are great and I found these rolls of sequin “ribbon” for R10 a roll. That was a bargain, plus some mini glue sticks for my Imaginisce glue gun that should get here this week (cross your fingers.)

Found some bicycle repair kits for R12 (this was before Mica) so I snagged two of those, even though the tubes don’t say rubber cement, I’m told it’s the same thing, and I liked the little boxes they came in. Those will come in handy for some kind of storage.

Tape! No one can have enough foam tape and insulation tape so that was in there too.

Also some cheap plastic beads, I’ve seen some video tuts about making your own enamel dots and I want to try it.


That’s my haul for the day, things found in strange places that can be invaluable in your craft room.

If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, feel free to leave me a comment.

Happy Crafting,



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