When the old finds a new use

I know it’s not Sunday, but…

I’m so excited!

Let me tell you a bit of back story first (I’m a writer, I’m all about the back story)

When my mom was “two-bricks-and-a-ticky-high”, in other words, very young, my grandpa bought my gran a singer sewing machine. It was one of those old fashioned hand-cranked one that were the height of modern technology back when half the world was still in the last ice age.

My gran used to make all my Mom and Aunt’s clothes on that machine, and eventually—being the techniologicially gifted and handy man he was—my grandpa put a motor on the machine.

My gran kept that machine for her whole life and she still owned it when she died five years ago (yes I still miss her) She had other machines, but when there was a hem to do or a project that needed stitching, my gran hauled out the trusty singer, in its beautiful case.  I have very fond memories of that sewing machine.

Now it’s even older (thank you captain obvious of the ss duh) but it still works. My mom has been holding onto it, even though she doesn’t sew and isn’t into crafting.

Apparently, I’m the only one in the family that inherited my grandmother’s penchant for making and crafting.

But today I have victory!

I managed to convince my mom to let me have the singer.

Okay, so I need to modify that, I managed to convince my mom to let the singer live at my house *laughs*

I have a perfectly good modern sewing machine, (I even have an over-locker), but I don’t want to use it for sewing on paper, and in this case I think the singer would be perfect. It’s slow, steady and doesn’t have all the modern do-dads that machines have now.

So soon, I’ll be able to add sewing to my paper craft repertoire, and I have an idea for my storage folders that I keep my embossing folders and dies in.

I’ll keep you posted if it works.

Now I have to convince Hubby to take me to my mom’s place so I can go fetch it (and the elna press YIPEEEEE)

I’ll post photos as soon as I get them.

Happy Crafting



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