Versa Magic and Brillance Teardrop ink pad Storage Hack

Right now I think I’m very clever.

I’ve had an issue with my Versa Magic and Brilliance teardrop ink pads.  Though they are designed (poorly) to link into each other so you can stack them up right–anyone with a set of them knows they don’t stay up-right. Just when you think you have the stack balanced, it comes tumbling like a failed game of Jenga.

This is something that has frustrated me to no end, and I’ve searched online for a good storage option. Someone said to put then down on their little “legs” and this works… Kinda… They still fall down and I have trouble seeing the colors, since I haven’t gotten around to labeling them all over the place yet. (My Brother label maker tape is darn expensive!)

Well today I was trying to find a color to stamp into my life planner when my eyes happend to pass over my packet of Prestik


And it hit me! Why not put a ball of Prestik between the pads, that way they will actually stack and stay there.


Problem solved!

Now I have them stacked and facing away so I can easily see which colors I have.

Let me know in the comments if this little trick helped you all.

Have a great one.



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